Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Wife

Setup mini studio in the middle of my house for took a picture. Picture taken using Nikon D300- raw file.
for lovely couple here..


Tny said...

Owh?! I'm the 1st ke?
Errmm.. ni mesti blogger yg suka photography ni.. kan?

mohd herizat said...

u're the fisrt..
m photo bloger...hhehheeheh

suealeen said...

amboi.. comey aihh azie sejak ngandung ni.. awat tak tao suka sangat tengok wanita pegnen ni.. kem salam kat dia

arianna adrizal said...

hmm.. interesting ;)

Henry said...

Thank you for posting these photographs. It is intriguing to me because our cultures vary greatly, yet our human similarities are profound. You take photos of your wife as I do my own. Your love of her is no less apparent. Blessings on you and yur family. Thank you for your comments on my photoblog. Thanks for posting these photos.